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A Statement Piece

No matter what our fashion personality entails there will always be those days when we want to run out in a classic jeans and tee, spending no time fretting through the closet for that perfect layered outfit. But how can we still let a piece of our personality shine through?

I have made it a personal mantra never to look “too basic”.  I always make sure to add a little something whimsical to my outfit, especially when it’s just a basic jeans and tee look. A little statement piece. And one of those perfect things for me – a statement purse. Everyone needs a reliable bag in their closet, something that will never fail you when you run out the door.

What to choose, what to choose? Pick a unique and fun piece that represents your style, something that is easy to pair with your dressed-down outfits that will add a pulled together, thoughtful look. Find a great bag with the focus on bold color or an unusual design, something you will love seasons through and something out of the ordinary.

If you already have that perfect purse in your closet you will know, it’s probably that one you turn to time and time again, the one that gets you the most compliments! For me, it’s an amazing vintage shoulder bag that was a birthday gift a few years back. It’s my staple piece that I count on to add some flare to any outfit – I never feel “too ordinary” when I wear this:

Need to find a great bag to add to your jeans and tee? Think about your style and what you want to reflect. Vintage shops offer cute and unique selections or shop for vintage online to find a large selection.



– Rebecca Stewart – Stylist

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