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Urban Vogue Abroad – Sam’s London Adventure!

Time just flies!  Only three short weeks ago my husband, Richard and I were vacationing in London, England.  It was one of the most spectacular trips we have taken together.  We’re usually more fly be the seat of your pants kinda couple and budget is always a concern. So when I thought that London might be a great way to mix up our usual tropical getaways I was hesitant to research it.  Turns out, not so bad!  We found a round trip 7 days with flight and hotel for just $3,000.  About the same price you would find for a 5 star Caribbean locale.

The first day we arrived early and took that opportunity to stroll around Hyde Park and Kensington Park on a beautiful sun-drenched afternoon. Yes, it was sunny! We actually got sunburnt in London.


Then we continued on a day tour to visit Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and Bath.  At first, we were so surprised because we had no idea Stonehenge was just a stone’s throw away from London! Haha, yes, that pun was intentional!   This tour was well worth it, never-mind that Stonehenge is actually roped off to tourists, but the scenery on the drive is just beautiful.  Did you know that nobody knows why Stonehenge was built?  Richard’s theory is that it was originally planned as a castle, but then the rocks were too much of a pain to move and they gave up. Haha.  Gotta love that man!

The next few days were spent on London sightseeing and a River Cruise to Greenwich.  Yep, where they invented time!

I’m so glad we pre-purchased the London Pass allowing us to tour all the castles and churches skipping lines and counting change. We saw all the usual tourist haunts, the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral. Absolutely stunning architecture.  The immense detail that people used to put into their dwellings is simply mindblowing!

I totally recommend the bike tour that comes with the Pass.  It is 100% worth it!  We skipped the crowds at Buckingham Palace and literally “chased down” the guards as they marched through the streets.  Of course, always obeying the officers on duty.

Now, being in London, we would not have too much bragging rights if we didn’t try some of the restaurants of some famous chefs!  Union Jacks, by Jamie Oliver and The Narrow by Gordon Ramsey.  Both were truly delicious!  I must say I favor Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant though as his portions were much more our size!

All in all, love London!  Spectacular place to visit and one week alone there is not just not enough.  I don’t know how people take a three week trip for all of Europe, you’ll miss too much!

Love. Life. Experience.


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