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Ways to Include Your Pet in a Wedding

Our beloved Pets can be like children to many us.  At times, they sleep in our beds, they share our couches, we dress them up like little people and treat them as part of the family.  So it goes without any surprise that many couples would not imagine their weddings without including their best little friend.

Unfortunately, many venues don’t allow for pets in the reception for hygienic reasons so your options to include your pet are limited to non-food related or outdoor settings. Often times pets are only included in the ceremony portion of the day for this reason.

Consider having photos of your pet incorporated into the design of the wedding – personalized table numbers with an image of you and your pet can remind you and your guests the significant role your pet plays.

Desserts like custom cookies in the shape of your pet

Many people choose to include their dog in the wedding ceremony, either as a “Best Dog” or “Ring Bearer”.

Best Dog

 { Photo Credit: Mark Eleven Photography }

 In lieu of favors, consider making a donation to your local animal shelter or rescue foundation.

Happy Planning!

Joyce & Samantha

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