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Simple Proposal Tips

Winter Proposal

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1. KISS (Keep It Simple Silly)

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  An elaborate proposal might be great, but are you sure you can pull it off? If you do choose to go all out with theatrics and props, enlist the help of trusted advisers or a planner! * wink * You don’t want something that you’ve planned long and hard for to fall apart at the seems at the last moment.

2. Make it unique to your relationship

Did you first “fall in love” at a coffee shop, and you both love the outdoors? Recreate that atmosphere in an outdoor environment.  Or perhaps you met volunteering at an animal shelter and ended up adopting a pet?  Why not include that very important element in your relationship and incorporate your pet into the proposal with a ring tied around their collar.

3. Running it by the family first

If she comes from a traditional family (she will appreciate it and earn you extra points), it is a thoughtful touch and respectful to ask the parents for permission before popping the question.

4. Don’t forget to speak from the heart

Choose your words carefully.  Tell this person how you feel about them.  What does this person mean to you? Speak to  the qualities that you adore about them.  If there ever was a time to speak from the heart…this is the time!!

5. Don’t forget the ring – goes kinda without saying…and remember to get down on bended knee

6. Have Moral Support on Standby

Consider having a close family or friend of our bride around for post proposal support. She will be shocked and happy and will want to share this with her closest bud.

Of course, if she says yes, give us a call!!

Best of luck,

Joyce & Samantha

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