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Summer Glow & Dewy Skin

When I think of summer I do think of dewy glowing skin.  I also think of gold, pinks, bronzers, anything with a slight shimmer to it.  I prefer tinted moisturizers during the daytime as they are light and keep skin from drying out when in the heat.  Also mineral foundations are a light delight to your skin as they add extra sun protection from harmful UV rays and other environmental stressors.  I love sweeping shadows onto the lids that pick up the iris’s colour so anything with metallic gold, greys or even greens and purples can awaken the eyes, blending in dark shadow from brown or black right into the top lash line provides depth to the lashes so when mascara is put on the eyes pop.

Blushes come in powders or creams…. I still prefer dusting bronzer on first and then blending couple dif shades of blush to create a beautiful multi-dimensional cheek and with lips have some fun with colour this season!  From pinks to purples to reds, anything can go if you have a soft shimmery eye however play it safe as you don’t want a loud lip with loud eyes.  One or the other and go rock it girl!  Don’t forget to add shimmer powder into corner of eyes, dab on bottom of the lower lip, décolletage and even sprinkle onto your daily lotion to rub onto legs to perk them up as they don’t see much sun as the rest of you does.

Book in with a professional to determine what colours could serve you best.  I love sharing with clients makeup kits designed for light, medium or dark skin tones so it helps take the guesswork out of which colours go best together and whatever you decide rest assured your colours will complement each other.

~trena olfert

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