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Urban Vogue Launch Party

Spring is in the air, and what better way to kick off the season than the celebration we were so lucky to share with you!  We wanted to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for your generous contribution towards our relaunch party on March 28th, 2013 at Hotel Arts! From an army of enthusiastic Geeky Chic dressed guests, to a nod to Star Wars and fusion of  chemistry and architecture inspired designs and details, the affair was a blend of sophistication yet vintage vibe focused on guest entertainment – this party was in full swing with plenty of surprises! How times flies, as we have an overwhelming response after the event but wanted to give a few shout outs to those who made it possible.  It’s been a huge honour working with such a talented team of vendors and generous sponsors, we literally dub the Dream Team:)

Check out some of the highlights here!

{Videography: Laura Ann Cinema}
The decor and design collaborations knocked it out of the park, a huge thank you to Pierre Marleau and his team at Orange Frog Productions for the transformational lighting and draping in the lobby and ballroom, truly a wow factor! We are so grateful for Great Events Rentals for the coordinating chevron inspired linens and sleek ghost stools, the most unique stationary artfully designed to infuse both architecture and chemistry by the talented Ali Finch and ladies at The Social Page, and the most incredibly creative and modern floral designs by Lyn Chapman of Flower Artistry for the extraordinary and stunning modern centrepieces for our registration and cocktail tables, the talented Janelle Gerestein of Flowers by Janie for the Dopamine inspired UV Tablescape.
The cool jazz tunes crooned by Heather Blush and Lemondrop set the tone for our event, thank you so much for entertaining our guests with your upbeat and soulful playlist, you were such a delight to work with!  Things sure heated up on the dancefloor with DJ Fayyaz K of Pez Productions in charge of our evening dance groove.  We were seriously impressed by some of the smooth moves by our friends (shoutout to Christy & Svetlana & Cary…you ladies rocked it!)
Our evening entertainment continued to be a lineup of surprises, all due to Billy Friley of Village Ice Cream for the most deliciously popular homemade waffle cones and scrumptious ice cream station, and the daring Cary Lam of the Calgary Circus Studio for the original choreographed flag poi and aerial silks routine.  We will all have to remember to stop by Village Ice Cream when our next sweets craving hits, then get some lessons at the Circus Studio to counter the indulgence!
So grateful for Adriana Garcia and Lorena of Novia Mia for our makeup and Amy Mielke of Stella & Dot for styling our looks that evening, we felt so confident thanks to you!
Such generosity from some incredible sponsors for doorprizes too, we thank Joanne Van Der Muelen of Lashes by Joannefor her full set of lash extension GC (seriously, I am addicted to lashes and she is the best), and Julie Hodge of Inside Out Fitness for the personal training GC’s to kickstart a healthy lifestyle for the Spring season.  Additional thanks goes to Svetlana Yanova for her Beauty Session GC, Paulina Ochoa for her headshot or beauty session, Ciara Glendon of Community of Wedding Innovators for the incredible COWI Membership and business coaching session, and Hotel Arts for the luxury weekend stay & breakfast at Yellow Door Bistro.
We have had no shortage of amazing photos and video from our incredible Urban Paparazzi Team comprised of Nikki McArthur (EpicDanger Photography) for the yellow carpet Photobooth, Abby Taylor (Abby+Dave), Christy Swanberg (Christy D. Swanberg Photography), Svetlana Yanova (Svetlana Yanova Photography), Paulina Ochoa (Paulina Ochoa Photography), Piotr Filipek (Filipek Photography), and Susan McEvoy (Photos with Finesse by Susan McEvoy) for all of your amazing, creative, and fun perspectives, so thank you for all the detail and candid shots taken during the event!  Special thank you to Laura Ann Truong of Laura Ann Cinema for the beautiful video reel of our event, capturing the entire essence and highlights of the party:)
Special thanks to our assistants Heather Brent, Ricka Ortiz and Richard Benn for setup help!


For all you Foodies, here’s a rundown of our tasty eats courtesy of the ingenious staff at Hotel Arts:

– Rosemary Chicken Breast, Arugula, Brie, Red Grapes, Rustic Crustini

– Basil Infused Watermelon with Toasted Pistachio and Aged Balsamic

– Albacore Tuna Gomae, Spinach & Sesame Cup

– Cherry Tomato Tartine, Caramelized Onion, Chevre Goat Cheese, Balsamic Vinegar

– Burnt Brown Butter and Truffle, Aranchini, Wild Mushroom Cream

– Brome Lake Duck Breast, Spicy Hoisin, Steamed Asian Bun

– Grilled Mustard-Crusted Lamb Chops, Mint & Cider Dressing

– Panko-Crusted Tiger Prawns, Sriracha Aioli

Guests were greeted by our Stormtrooper bouncer at the end of our Yellow Carpet entrance with UV’s Ultimate Love Potion:  comprised of a tasty fruit punch served in test tubes.  Our Signature Drinks at the bar were dubbed:  Joyce’s Radical Atomic Elixir and Samantha’s Modern Renaissance Mocktail.

Excerpt from UV speech

“We wanted to welcome you all to our official launch party to celebrate our rebrand to Urban Vogue Weddings & Events.  This has been a very exciting time for us, as we have spent the last several years getting to know many of you, learning and being inspired by so many of your leadership & innovation.  Many of you don’t know that Samantha and I both met at high school together here in Calgary, and have been friends for 18 years. We’re similar to a lot of married couples with one common goal, a love for weddings and entertaining. Together we both came from humble beginnings with more academic backgrounds, in high school and universities identifying with the Geeky crowd.  Looking back, who could ever imagine this is what we are basing our business on?!  With a passion for lifelong learning and finding a career that was both dynamic, fun, challenging and dealing with real people, in some of the most important events of their life. We been so blessed to have followed our lifelong passion in an industry, be surrounded by fellow planners, photographers, and many industry friends who we have grown to love and call family. Each of you have touched us in some way, whether it’s by your wisdom, energy, imagination or leadership.  We look up to so many of you standing in this room, and can’t believe at the amount of passion and talent here. Some of you know about our backgrounds, but for those of don’t yet, we hope this gives you a glimpse into who we are as individuals and give a sense of what it’s like to experience an Urban Vogue event.

You will notice we have a running Geeky Chic theme this evening, inspired by our rebrand from Kalista Weddings to Urban Vogue Weddings & Events in January.  We hope this evening will give you a sense of who Samantha and I are, given our Architecture & Art History, paired with Chemistry and Corporate Oil & Gas backgrounds as Event Architects & Stylists. It’s really a balanced mix of our strengths in many ways, which we have tried to showcase this evening with our theme.

We wanted to ignite your inspiration and experiment with new terminology as part of our brand identity and bring a little of our geeky professional influence in our lives to wedding planning.   We have taken on a new philosophy to events, as we like to call it The Alchemy & Art of Design and Planning, which really is all about creating the perfect Chemistry for Love, and most importantly the people and vendors who bring it all together.

All of these elements of Urban Vogue is like adding a Catalyst to your wedding or event, creating the perfect balance of chemistry, and reaction for a totally memorable experience.

What started out as a simple little cocktails gathering among an intimate group of industry friends grew unimaginably to this spectacular industry event, which we joking refer to as Samantha and Joyce’s Wedding.  Really though, this event is more of a thank you to all our community of friends and supporters who have helped us grow, inspire us with your innovation and leadership, and pushed us to challenge ourselves in so many ways.”

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With Love & Gratitude,

Joyce & Samantha

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