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Finding the photographer to capture the love and laughter of your big day can be a difficult task.   Friends and family, Wedding Fairs, and, of course, your wedding planner can help you find a list of possibilities, but what next?  Just weeks ago, my fiancé and I sat at our kitchen table, surrounded by over a dozen names and galleries to sift through, trying to decide what made one better than another and why.

We struggled between two styles of photography.  The romantic, more classic feel of traditional photography, which tends to require a great deal of interaction between the photographer and the client, with a high level of posing.  Our other style we were drawn to was documentary, which aims to tell a story through more candid shots, portraying more interaction and emotion between guests.  The two styles are quite different, but something spoke to us about them both.  The romance and beauty of the traditional style, and the fun and honest feel of documentary photography.

Deciding our favourite style wasn’t the only decision to be made.  Last weekend we met a number of photographers in hopes to find a team that matched our personalities to assure we were comfortable with them on our big day.  This was an amazing experience, and met some fabulous teams.  We were able to discuss all the in’s and out’s of how the day would pan out, what additional services they provide such as photo booths or thank-you cards, and most importantly, we got to find out more about each photographer beyond the camera.   Aside from price and style, personality meant a lot to us in this decision.  It was also the hardest part of the process; Making the final verdict, comparing all 3 elements (style, price, and personality) and then actually only getting to hire 1.

Next to finding a venue, photography was our biggest feat.  We struggled deciding between two photographers and have finally made our choice and we are very excited to move onto the next step of the wedding planning fun!

If there were one piece of advice I can share about this experience, it would be to not get overwhelmed.  Trust your instincts when meeting with photographers and viewing their galleries.  Don’t force the relationship to fit just because you like the photos, because there has to be more than just a pretty picture behind that camera

Happy Planning,


UV Apprentice & Bride to Be


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