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Welcome UV Apprentice

We are very excited to welcome Heather Brent to the Urban Vogue family! Heather will be our Apprentice and helping us out with various marketing and operational tasks, as many of you have already met her at a couple of our previous events at the North Hill Wedding Showcase and our Launch Party in March.  Currently working towards her Event Management Certificate at Mount Royal University, Heather brings with her a diverse skill set of human resources, communications, event planning and project management working with Alberta Health Services, in addition to having a passion for modern & fun weddings (not to mention the process of planning her own Spring 2014 wedding)!  She will be offering her own unique perspective as a bride in coming weeks as she journeys through some of her own experiences in the process of developing her unique vision and finding her dream team of vendors.

In Her Own Words:

  • My innate need and skill for organization and creation has grown out of my back ground in HR and corporate project planning.  Event Planning feeds this desire to create and put ideas into action.
  • My type A personality is often offset by my silliness and love for laughter.
  • I am a reality show junkie.  A few favourites are Big Brother, the Voice, and of course every Wedding show I can hunt down on my PVR and Netflix.
  • My love for travelling comes from my 3-month backpacking trip through Europe and annual family trips.  I am excited to continue this passion.
  • I have a soft spot for dogs and work hard to rehabilitate our rescued furry family member, Hank.  Any cause that supports the safety of animals is near and dear to my heart.
  •  My perfect night out usually includes pasta, wine, and popcorn at the movies.
  • My perfect in at home, includes catching up on our overloaded PVR and finding inspiration for our upcoming nuptials.
  • I may have a selective palate, but I love finding great places to dine out with friends.
  • I will never turn down an opportunity for some “comfort” camping and exploring creative outdoor spaces.
  • I am ambitious with making my house feel like a home.
  • My nephews and family are the world to me.  Kids sure do say the darndest things!

We are looking to having you on our UV Team!

Joyce & Samantha


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