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What You Will Find at the Intersection of Science, Food, and Photography

I was very intrigued when I recently happened across some photographs from Nathan Myhrvold’s cookbook entitled:  Modernist Cuisine:  The Art and Science of Cooking.  The books are a combination of science, cooking, and photography – three of my favourite things!

He explains cooking in terms of chemistry and physics, and uses incredible photographs to do so!  The photos are cross-sections of food and cooking equipment cut in half.

Yes, he cuts pots, and even an oven in half, and reconstructs them in a way that can still be used for cooking.  This allowed the food to be photographed from a perspective that we don’t normally get to see.

Myhrvold has a TED Talk on Modernist Cuisine – it’s 10 minutes long, and I think you’ll find it fascinating!

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