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A Winning Love Match | Brittany & Dave

We are so happy to announce our winning couple of the Ultimate Proposal Story contest, Brittany and Dave!  Their love for each other, and those who love them were definitely evident by the overwhelming outpouring of support.


Brittany&Dave Proposal

Here is their engagement story, in Brittany’s own words:

Two years ago I met my soulmate….

One year ago I got to move in with that person who became not only my lover, but my best friend and the one person I could see myself spending the rest of my life with. Little did I know that I was going to start 2012 as an engaged woman, and even more unexpected was how that was about to happen, fulfilling more then just one dream of mine.

Christmas Day this year was at Daveʼs parents. We had initially set a $100.00 dollar limit to the gifts we would buy because we were budgeting in anticipation of buying our first home together. I had been eyeing up a winter coat and Dave was wise to this, although it was slightly over the dollar limit. I was the last to open my gift that day and

there it was, the coat! I beamed and was requested to model it, which I did instantly! You didnʼt have to ask me twice:) Twirling around the living room, Dave asked me if there were inside pockets in the coat. “Of course!” I replied. Putting my hands in them. They were met with something. I started to pull out what seemed to be a pass attached to a lanyard, and with a puzzled face I started to read what was on it. VIP Pass NYC Times Square for NYE.  I slowly turned away from the family to hide the insane amount of tears streaming down my face, when I turned back I was met with the same tears from everyone else.

You have no idea how much this gift meant to me.  Not only was I a fashion obsessed girl but New York has always been on my bucket list.  Blown away is an understatement for how I was feeling.  NYC for NYE!! I couldnʼt been more excited and I only had a few days to pack.  When I told friends and family the news the first thing they would say is that Dave was going to propose on this trip.  No way I thought that was going to happen.

A)  He would have to ask my father for his permission, and B) The amount of money that this trip was costing and the fact we were saving for a house is reason enough that he wouldnʼt at this time. To solidify what I thought I went to my father and asked him if Dave had asked and he assured me he didnʼt, so that was off my mind, for now…

In New York we both came down with a little bit of a flu, it was New Yearʼs Eve day and we had plans to go see the Empire State building, we get there and Dave has a fast track pass, this doesnʼt surprise me because he is he ultimate planner. At the top I am going nuts snapping pictures and taking in the sights. I look around to find Dave and he is behind me watching me go camera happy and looks as if he is in a daze.  I instantly think he isnʼt feeling well partly from the flu and more likely from the McDonaldʼs we just had.

“Are you okay?” I asked him, “Are you not feeling well, should we go back to the hotel?”

“No” he replied, “letʼs just hug each other for a moment.” He grabs a hold of me and we stood there hugging and he looked down at me and asked “ Are you going to love me forever?”

“I promise I am going to love you forever, forever” I said back.

“I guess this time is as good as any…” he said as he pushed me back and starting to yell out, “excuse me! excuse me, can I get your attention?” turned back to me and got down on one knee and he said “ you are my dream girl since the moment Iʼve met you and my best friend, I love you, will you marry me?”

“Yes, I will” I said back, waterworks again. The crowd that had formed was clapping and cheering.

Congratulations! We love hearing such testaments of love and can’t wait to hear of your wedding plans:)


Joyce & Samantha

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